Uniper could divert gas – share increases by almost 10 percent

Uniper’s shares, which have recently been badly hit, took the top spot in the MDAX on Friday with a gain of almost 10 percent.

Gas for Asian customers in Europe?
If necessary, the energy company could divert some liquefied natural gas (LNG) transports to Europe in view of the impending gas shortage. Whether and to what extent such so-called location swaps are carried out depends essentially on the market situation.

Previously, there were reports that Uniper was making available US-sourced LNG in Europe that was originally intended for Asian customers. According to Uniper, the main reason for the exchange is usually the possibility of optimizing transport costs. Because then the LNG ships do not have to go from the Atlantic to the Pacific – and vice versa. Uniper therefore makes regular use of this instrument, as do other LNG players. According to the company, the exchanges also made it possible to secure quantities for Europe that were not originally intended for the Northwest European market.