E.On share: Opportunity for large buy signals

E. There is a positive development of the share: the DAX share can still stabilize above the 200-day mark, around which the share price has fluctuated for days. Shares of the energy company XETRAN were valued at 9,296 euros at the end of Wednesday’s trading, which is the maximum of the day and 1. 8 percent. However, the Fed’s interest rate decision put pressure on the stock market. Current estimates for E.On’s share in Tradegate trading on Thursday morning are EUR 9.21/9.25. Decisive barriers still ahead Despite a small pullback, E.On’s break above the 200-day moving average remains intact. However, there are strong map technical obstacles nearby that must now be overcome. First of all, technical barriers around 9.3 /9.36 euros and the decisive barrier of 9.51-9.61/9.62 euros should be mentioned here.