UK Q2 preliminary GDP -0.1% vs -0.2% q/q expected

  • Prior +0.8%
  • GDP +2.9% vs +2.8% y/y expected
  • Prior +8.7%

Looking at the details, services output declined by 0.4% with the largest negative contribution coming from human health and social work activities, reflecting a reduction in COVID-19 activities. Household consumption declined by 0.2% with a positive contribution from net trade helping to offset things. Overall, Q2 GDP is seen 0.6% above its pre-pandemic levels i.e. Q4 2019.

The pound caught a light spike on the data from 1.2190 to 1.2215 upon release as the figures were better than anticipated but it still points to a contraction in the UK economy in Q2. I don’t see that as being much comfort as it just pushes the recession narrative one step closer than the BOE forecast of early next year.