SOL/USD: Return to Lower Support Levels Causing Some Unease

SOL/USD is trading at nearly 32.5000 as of this writing.  SOL/USD started yesterday’s trading around the price of 36.0000; on the 28th of June Solana saw price action slightly below 40.0000. Like the broad cryptocurrency market SOL/USD has incrementally moved lower the past few days of trading, and like its major counterparts Solana is hovering near crucial support.

If current support levels prove vulnerable for SOL/USD this could ignite more speculative selling. SOL/USD is at a five day low and is trading near values last seen on the 20th of June. If the 32.0000 barrier is penetrated lower, the 31.6500 vicinity could become vital. SOL/USD moves with a rapid pace and under present market conditions, traders are strongly advised to use entry price orders to participate.