Law on restriction of publication of „counter-sanction information” adopted

State Duma deputies adopted in the third reading a law that introduces the concept of „counter-sanction information” into the legislation: regulation of access to it is designed to reduce the risks of new restrictions in the face of confrontation with „unfriendly” states.

On July 1, an amendment on counter-sanctions information was submitted to the chamber by deputies and approved by the Duma Committee on Economic Policy. The amendment is included in Government Bill No. 135977-8 , which was introduced in the House in early June and passed its first reading on June 14. As part of the first reading, it regulated the procedure for concluding concession agreements.

The adopted law proposes to limit the dissemination of counter-sanctions information among an indefinite circle of persons, including through the media and the Internet.

Counter-sanction information means information of any nature (production, technical, economic, organizational, and others) about transactions made or planned to be made by Russian individuals or legal entities participating in foreign economic activity (FEA), the dissemination of which may entail the introduction of such transactions against the parties restrictive measures.