Another $100M blockchain hack and customer funds freeze

Ethereum has formed a „head and shoulders” pattern and is now testing an important support level of $1,177, on which a lot depends. Bitcoin is also not doing very well – a breakout of $20,560 could lead to very serious problems in the short term.

But we will talk about the technical side a little lower. In this review, I would like to touch upon the problems that blockchain projects continue to face in various directions. The problems relate to hacks, hacker attacks, as well as significant losses and blocking payments to customers against the backdrop of a sharp drop in the cryptocurrency market.

Let’s start with Horizon, the so-called blockchain bridge. In their recent hack, hackers stole $100 million in cryptocurrency from Horizon, one of the latest major hacks in the world of decentralized finance. At Harmony, the Horizon developers said that after they discovered the theft, they immediately set up an account through which the hack was carried out, but this did little to help

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