There was not a 3rd candidate nominated for Speaker in the 13th vote

The 13th vote has started and Biggs, Boebert and Crane are already voting for Jordan, but they have not introduced Herns or Jordan. Donald replaced McCarthy during the last election. , voted for McCarthy in Hern, who was nominated by Boebert. So he’s still not all, and he apparently asked not to be named. Jordan has announced that he does not want to run. Gaetz likely to vote against McCarthy. Final 7 are: Biggs Boebert Crane Gaetz Good Harris Rosendale UPDATE: Gaetz and Good outvoted Jordan by a combined 5. Looks like McCarth lost 13 votes. However, Harris switched to McCarthy. It’s Friday so imagine the pressure on others to finish it before the weekend (it’s the weekend) but I see the rest are getting their last bits of meat. But is McCarthy ready to give more?