The heavy weight of constrained spending

Related costs become more expensive According to the national related costs index published by in collaboration with CSA Research, the restrictive costs of the French increased by an average of 36 euros per month during the year. INSEE defines limited expenditure as „households under contract or order”. For most French people, those costs therefore include home insurance, basic necessities such as water and electricity. But also a mobile phone, internet and TV bill. According to, all these costs cost the French 1,095 euros per month, or 35 percent of their budget. Compared to 1,059 euros in 2021. This high cost therefore represents more than a third of the average net household income. Strong income inequality In the most modest households, however, the cost of spending restrictions can rise to 80% of the monthly budget. This applies to French people who earn less than 900 euros per month. In contrast, spending limits for households with the highest incomes do not exceed 17% of the budget. The cost of cumulative related costs also varies by income. Some limited costs are the same for almost all French people, such as a telephone subscription or fuel. But logically speaking, this amount does not represent the same percentage of the budget in terms of income. Age also plays a big role in this difference. In fact, for 18- to 2 -year-olds, on average, limited spending weighs 51 percent of their budget, compared to 26 percent for those 65 and older. Otherwise, the limited spending of the elderly tends to decrease. Since the latter are often the owners, housing costs are lower. Inequality of housing Research published by also highlights the variable of housing. Property in Île-de-France is more expensive than elsewhere in France. As a result, the residents pay fixed costs of 1,118 euros per month, of which approximately 802 euros for real estate, while the corresponding figure for the whole country is 675 euros. Same observation for Pays de la Loire and Burgundy Franche-Comté due to transport costs. Leisure costs In addition to limited expenses, the French also have to pay for leisure subscriptions such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney, Deezer, Spotify or even the gym. According to Cédric Ménager, CEO of Les Furets, „more than a third (3 %) of French people say that it would be difficult for them to live without their video streaming platform. Regarding the online subscription, which was not a fixed cost. , but has become so, he explains .These costs will cost households an average of 1 euros per month. A new cost that weighs even more heavily on the French budget.