What could make life difficult for the DAX in the new week

As surprising as the upswing has been in recent weeks, the coming days could be just as disappointing. Many stockbrokers expect an unstable trembling phase after the break in the short-term DAX uptrend. There may be new, cheap entry opportunities. Because in the medium term things continue to look good. The weekly outlook.

The DAX is increasingly losing momentum – this is the verdict of a number of market observers in view of the recently halted recovery rally in the leading German index. „After it bounced off the 14,000 mark this week, the signs are now pointing to consolidation,” wrote capital market strategist Jürgen Molnar from broker RoboMarkets on Friday.

Before the weekend, producer prices in Germany, which had risen much more sharply than expected, caused a bad mood on the stock market. The DAX ended Xetra trading at 13,544 points. It slipped below the 100-day line, which is considered a long-term price indicator (see chart). In terms of the chart, there is now further short-term downward potential down to around 13,400 points.