Varta share – Investors have to be careful: Decisive trend signals are close

Varta stock, which is actually very volatile, hovered around the 20-day mark for days. Prices between 28.23 and 30.78 euros could not give new technical impulses to the share price of Ellwangen battery group under pressure today. The bulls could now say, „Bottom formation, all good,” while the bears show an unbroken downtrend. Technically, the part of Varta (WKN: A0TGJ5, ISIN: DE000A0TGJ55, diagram) lies in the balance between two important signal areas. A break of these signs would give important new trend signals for the TecDAX stock – a massive trend reversal after a possible bottom at €26.62 or a new heavy bearish signal for Varta shares, which have already fallen deeply. Compared to the previous investor chart overview of Varta stock, nothing significant has changed in the technical signal signs of the decision chart. Here are the key zones, while the current Tradegate stock estimates of €28.99 / €29.27 are split around yesterday’s XETRAN close. Buy signals or carry market continuation? A stable buy signal in the resistance zone at 32.87 / 3 .23 euros could signal a reversal of the trend described in the case of Varta’s share. In this case, the share price could target near the 0 mark, a technical barrier would still be possible on the chart just below the 50 day line. If there are more buy signals at this stage, a strong resistance around EUR 50.50/51.16 can be expected. On the other hand, a slide below 28.23/28.55 euros can put Vartas shares in a dangerous situation. Major card support is not far away – the general downward trend and strong concern about the further development of Varta’s activities are unchanged. In such a scenario, it is still questionable whether the TecDAX name can actually confirm a support area above EUR 26.62. A stable drop below EUR 26.62 would be considered a technical sell signal for Vartas shares.