Trading on the Hong Kong stock exchange opened with a slight increase in quotations

The new trading week on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange opened on Monday with a slight increase in quotations. The Hang Seng Index („Han Sen”) rose by 50 points (0.22%) – to a value of 22,818 points. However, after that, the indicator pulled into the negative zone.

In general, multidirectional dynamics are emerging on this site. In the black, assets related to finance and the commodity sector are traded. Securities of the Russian aluminum giant Rusal went up by 2.29%. Lose in price, in particular, shares of companies in the field of high-tech exports.
According to experts, the market is still under pressure from the situation in Ukraine. Although many assets have fallen sharply in prices during last week’s crashes and are trading at a price well below their real value, investors are in no hurry to buy them and have taken a wait-and-see attitude. „We think the market will be bearish today,” said Francis Lun, a financial analyst at GEO Securities.