S&P index looks to test the week’s high

The SandP index is trading at a new session high and is currently testing Wednesday’s trade at 3886.15. The high price was only 388 .51. The SandP index is testing Wednesday’s high of . A move above this level will see investors next target the 100-day moving average at the break, which is currently at 3905.86 (see the upper blue line on the chart above). This moving average is also close to the 50% downside from the August 16 peak. Go above either level and it opens the door to more speed from a technical standpoint. For the Dow Industrial Average, it again broke above the 200-day moving average in the area of ​​326 2. The maximum was only 32759.87. The midpoint of the 50% move down from the January 2022 peak is 32806.80. Dow is above 200 day MA CNBC speaker says Dow is at best October since 1976. This index is up nearly 1 % this month. Instead, the SandP is up 8.3% and the NASDAQ is up .3%. The Russell Small Business Index is up 10.52 percent.