Russian Standard Bank gave a forecast of the ruble exchange rate for the coming days

The trading range for the dollar / ruble pair will be 60-63 rubles / $ 1 in the coming days – Russian Standard Bank

Dollar / ruble exchange    rate on the Moscow Exchange at intervals of 1 minute

Dollar / ruble exchange    rate  on Forex at intervals of 4 hours

The trading range for the dollar/ruble pair is likely to be 60-63 rubles/$1 in the coming days, and for the euro/ruble pair – 60.5-63.5 rubles/EUR1, the director of the financial markets operations department wrote today Bank „Russian Standard” Maxim Timoshenko.

„The euro exchange rate against the dollar has renewed the lows of 20 years ago. Fears of a protracted energy crisis are putting pressure on the European currency. In the meantime, the ruble has begun to strengthen again. Today, the gradual resumption of imports to Russia from „friendly” countries can help stabilize the exchange rate.

In the oil market, the events of which directly affect the exchange rates, there is an increase in prices after the previous decline. However, discussions of the next wave of coronavirus in China and Europe and the prospects for new lockdowns do not add optimism, which may not correct oil demand for the better. The geopolitical rhetoric of world leaders is still in the focus of investors’ attention,” the analyst said.