Q2 Pulse Report Sees Short-Selling Rise Across FX, Indices, and Oil

Capital.com, an investing platform that allows both companies and individuals to participate in financial trading, recently released its quarterly market analysis report. In their Q2 2022 Pulse report, they explored the main findings and trends that have appeared over the last financial quarter, with one of the main discoveries revealing a mass movement toward short selling.

Short selling, or shorting, where traders attempt to profit from falling asset prices, is currently at a rate of 38% across the 6 million traders that use the Capital platform. This marks a historic high, reaching the highest number of individual investors that are focusing on short-term positions since the first quarter of 2020. Even on a short-term scale, this figure is 34% higher than Q1 of 2022, demonstrating the loss in faith that many are finding with the market.