Purchasing power: „We are at the peak of inflation, it will start to fall in 2023”, assures Olivier Véran

Inflation worries the French, and the government spokesman, Olivier Véran, wanted to warn BFMTV this Thursday, July 28, during a trip to Sublaines, in Indre-et-Loire: „What said the Minister of Economy and Finance, is that we are at the peak of inflation. This inflation will start to fall in 2023.”

He also returned to the causes of this price increase: „This inflation is real, cyclical, it is linked both to the war that Russia is waging against Ukraine, and we are in solidarity with our neighbors, our brothers Ukrainians, and we assume it. It also comes from the repeated confinements in China, which continues to be an extremely closed country, which produces less and that raises certain prices. It also comes from the environmental consequences that we have experienced this year – we often take the example of mustard.”

Then to emphasize that the effects of this inflation have been limited with the French: „Your electricity bill has increased by 4%, that is to say like a normal year. It should have increased by 30 or 40% – c „is 700 euros difference per year on average for the French. Gas has not increased by 1%, when it should have increased by 20 or 30%. We have blocked”, he said.