Pumping through the Nord Stream was reduced to 31 million cubic meters. m per day

With the beginning of the new gas day, gas pumping through the Nord Stream pipeline has decreased to 31 million cubic meters. m on a daily basis with the decommissioning of another gas pumping unit.

The gas transmission operator Gascade said that from 9:00 Moscow time on Wednesday, the flow along the main line decreased to 1.28 million cubic meters. m per hour. In terms of a day, this is 31 million cubic meters.

On July 26, 65 million cubic meters of gas were pumped through SP1.

Analysts at Rystad Energy, a research company, note that with such a level of supplies under SP1, it will be very difficult for the European Union to achieve the target level of gas reserves in UGS facilities of 80% by November 1. In addition, analysts warn that US LNG supplies to Europe will complicate the upcoming hurricane season.

The pipeline is capable of pumping up to 167 million cubic meters per day. m of gas, however, the pumping capacity is reduced due to the violation of the maintenance schedule for the compressor equipment of the starting station of the sea main – the compressor station „Portovaya”. It is equipped with gas compressor units from Rolls-Royce, whose gas turbine business was later transferred to Siemens.