Feds Collins:All options on the table at Fed’s next meeting. Supports slower pace of hikes

In an interview with the Fed’s Collins, the WSJ’s Nick Timiraos reports that Collins thinks: All Options Options Options are contracts that allow investors to buy or sell underlying assets such as securities, mutual funds …Read this term it should be on the table at the Fed at the next meeting, including 75 or 25 basis points. It’s time to move from this really fast growing to a more precise, intentional focus. Still believed the Fed could slow the economy enough to bring inflation down to the 2% target over time without a major recession He worried about creating unnecessary weakness in the labor market by trying to bring down inflation A path we can use to lower inflation…without a major recession – it’s important to recognize this path I worry that the assumption by some that a recession is almost inevitable is of no use, because I really don’t see it. t five