Exchange rates of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation: the exchange rate of the ruble against the dollar, euro, hryvnia, lira, tenge, yuan

On Saturday, July 16, the Bank of Russia set the following official exchange rate:

57.8323 rubles for 1 dollar
57.8851 rubles for 1 euro
22.3887 rubles for 1 Belarusian ruble
19.5789 rubles for 10 Ukrainian hryvnias
33.0964 rubles for 10 Turkish liras
12.0889 rubles per 100 Kazakhstani tenge
85.7233 rubles for 10 Chinese yuan
Thus, at the official rate of the Central Bank , the dollar fell against the ruble by 42 kopecks, and the euro fell against the ruble by 46 kopecks compared to the official rate on Friday. The volume of trading on the Moscow Exchange by 16:05 Moscow time on Friday amounted to 661.5102 billion rubles or 11,355.0732 million dollars. The ruble is growing today as the tax period approaches. But even without it, exporters’ sales still exceed importers’ purchases, and verbal interventions are still only verbal.