EUR/USD: plan for the American session on June 30 (analysis of morning transactions). The euro has failed and is confidently returning to annual lows

In my morning forecast, I paid attention to the level of 1.0434 and recommended to make decisions on entering the market from it. Let’s look at the 5-minute chart and see what happened there. Euro buyers did everything to protect 1.0434 and even managed to do so. A false breakdown at the beginning of the European session led to the formation of an excellent signal to buy the euro. As a result, the pair rose by more than 30 points. However, after some time the bears returned the pressure on the pair and managed to break below 1.0434. The breakout took place without a reverse test of this level from the bottom up, so I failed to enter short positions. In the second half of the day, the technical picture changed slightly, while the strategy remained the same. And what were the entry points for the pound?