BioNTech share misses important buy signal – what now?

After labor and equipment recovered last Friday it was at €52.60, so far it’s been a winning week – especially on Tuesday. The share price of the stock market company M:access reached a previous low of , 6.80 euros in yesterday’s trade, but rose to an important level of technical support here. Mies et kone shares (WKN: 658080, ISIN: DE0006580806, pattern) ended trading at €7.55 on Thursday, slightly higher on Tradegate spot rates of €7.75 / 8, on Friday morning. A jump over yesterday’s €8. 0 could be enough to end investors’ income bias in recent days. The regional technical chart support confirmation 6.80/ 7.00 euros makes it a short-term trend support for the relationship between man and machine. The decline may finally reverse the general uptrend of recent weeks. But in this scenario, the next technical support letter would be about / 5 euros at the latest. However, if the share price of man and machine rises, then another test for obstacles in the area of ​​50.20/50. 0 euros and above the previous return height of 52.60 euros would be possible. The resistance area formed by this is 53.60/53.90 euros. Retracement signals at these points confirm a significant trend reversal scenario for Man and Machine stocks and open up further upside potential.