Austria prepares for natural gas emergencies

The Austrian government will assess the volume of natural gas in the country’s underground storage facilities (UGS) and may consider raising the alarm level, Bloomberg reports, citing state broadcaster ORF.

The transition to the second level will require large gas consumers to report daily fuel requirements to regulators. It also involves the launch of balancing tools.

The agency notes that UGS facilities in the east of the country are 61% full.

On July 6, Gazprom provided a certificate on the structure of ownership and management of the Heidach underground storage facility in Austria. Owners: 11.11% – Centrex Europe Energy & Gas AG (subsidiary of Gazprom Export LLC), 22.22% – German company SEFE Securing Energy for Europe GmbH (formerly GAZPROM Germania GmbH. March 31, 2022 Gazprom Group ” has ceased participation in GAZPROM Germania GmbH; the German company is currently under the temporary administration of the German Federal Network Agency). 33.33% – WINGAS Holding GmbH (under the control of SEFE Securing Energy for Europe GmbH, which is under the temporary control of the German Federal Grid Agency).